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Cut + Sew

Introduction to Barbering

Introduction to Barbering

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Target Audience: Ideal for complete beginners or entry-level barbers with minimal experience.

Course Overview:
"Introduction to Barbering" is a comprehensive foundational course designed at Cut and Sew to impart an in-depth understanding of our unique hair cutting techniques. Our dedicated educators provide one-on-one training, ensuring personalized attention and guidance as you embark on your barbering journey. This course balances theoretical knowledge with practical experience, featuring weekly live model sessions.

Key Learning Areas:

Consultations: Master the art of understanding client needs and preferences.
Hair Care: Gain insights into various hair types and how to cater to each client's specific requirements.
Cutting Techniques: Learn the fundamental elements of cutting hair the 'Cut & Sew' way.
Techniques of 'How To': Step-by-step guidance on various barbering techniques.
Confidence Building: Develop the confidence needed to excel in the barbering industry.
Skillset and Mindset: Cultivate both technical skills and the right professional attitude.

Recommended Equipment:

Cordless Magic Clipper (WAHL)
Wide tooth comb (JACK DEAN)
Scissor and cutting comb
Hairdryer (WAHL or PARLUX)

Equipment Availability: The recommended equipment can be purchased from Terri Sales (Abbey Street), Sally Services (Exchequer Street), and Capital (Kilmore Road).


Students are encouraged to bring their own models.
Assistance will be provided for those unable to procure a model.
Admission Requirements:

Applicants must be over 16 years of age.

Enroll Now: Jumpstart your career in barbering with this essential course, perfect for those aspiring to become skilled professionals in the field.

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